4 Features of a Quality Virtual Server

June 27, 2016

Think of your favorite company. What qualifiers were required before you were willing to call them a “good” business? Do they involve the ability to offer customized solutions? Lightning fast service? Quality support where you speak directly to a human being instead of an automated system? How about reliability in the quality of their offerings?

Now, what features do you look for in a VPS? HINT: if you didn’t immediately list the same qualifiers, you may want to rethink your priorities when it comes to cloud solutions. Here’s a breakdown of why these four items (customization, speed,


Regardless of the size or variability of your workload, a quality self-managed VPS (like those offered at nology) provides you with the ability to leverage a scalable, lightning-fast server of your own design. From CPU, memory and storage to unique IP addresses, you should be able to isolate only


Speaking of time — speed is obviously another huge factor in the overall quality of a VPS. Servers with standard hard drives, for example, can significantly slow down your workflow, which is why nology only offers blazing fast solid state SSD servers.


When it comes to quality support, any lack of real, live interaction should immediately send you running. Administering your own VPS requires the ability to immediately get someone on the phone who can address any and all questions or concerns. In order to provide you with these benefits, nology self-managed VPS include round-the-clock, live phone support that’s based right here in the United States.


Simply put, a reliable server allows you to focus on the administration of your VPS, rather than worrying

Customization, speed, support and reliability; four simple qualifiers that go a long way toward helping you find the perfect VPS solution.


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