75% of the time it works every time - That's just not enough...

September 12, 2016

It’s that time again, you need to buy a new car. You decide to head down to the dealer to find the right fit. The sales guy proudly hands you the keys to that car you've been eyeing and says, “It starts 75% of the time.”

Would you buy that car?

Or let’s say you have an upcoming operation, would you trust a surgeon who completed 75% of medical school? What if he told you his instruments are 75% sterile?

Of course you wouldn’t trust that surgeon! And you probably wouldn’t buy that car either. Because in those situations, 75% isn’t good enough. And you should hold your security to the same standard.

The way your employees work has changed, you’ve probably been watching the trends for awhile now. Employees are working from anywhere, accessing cloud apps to get work done, and using work computers for personal browsing at home. Gartner estimates that by 2018, 25% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security. Which means your firewall will only be able to provide protection 75% of the time. 

So, how did we solve this problem? With the cloud of course!

At nology we have partnered with Cisco to incorporate cloud-delivered security into our Business Care offering. Now with Unified Cloud Security, you can easily protect your users whether they are in the office or at the coffee shop.

Don’t settle for 75%. See how easy it is to start protecting users anywhere, anytime — on and off network. Learn More.

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