Believe it or Not, Fantasy Football Can Pose a Serious Security Threat

October 7, 2016

The NFL season is back in action, and with it comes a surge in fantasy football participation The numbers are staggering: In 2015 the Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimated that 75 million American adults belonged to fantasy leagues. The means roughly 1/4th of the United States population is playing, and it's not only possible, but probable that the're setting their lineups at work.

Our company sponsors a league, does yours? Even if your company does not sponsor a league, think about how many employees are checking stats and setting lineups from their work related devices.

From an IT perspective, those numbers reveal a dark reality. 75 million people using a plethora of free fantasy football websites means a sharp increase in potential infections, viruses, and data intrusions.Those can be caused any number of ways: by unwitting users clicking on the fake ads that often populate fantasy sites or downloading fantasy football apps from unknown publishers.

Recently, security experts have identified numerous bugs, malware compromises, and phishing attacks linked to fantasy football sites. At nology, we’ve seen clients reduce the number of infections striking their businesses simply by employing dynamic layered security that keeps up with the changing digital landscape through a combination of Business Care and Unified Cloud Security which protects employees in the office and on the go.

So let your employees set those lineups on their lunch break while feeling secure in your IT security with nology.

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