Is Your Business Fully Protected Against Ransomware?

May 9, 2016

Ransomware is such a hot topic in our industry right now as the number of cases continues to skyrocket in 2016.  The goal of ransomware is literally to extort money, or payment, from a user to lift the virus.  Trojans such as CryptoLocker have succeeded in quintupling the amount of attacks since 2012.  The CrytoLocker and Cryptowall alone captured over $21 million USD before it was recognized and taken down by authorities in 2015.

Generally ransomware begins as a trojan that enters a network or system through a file download or some type of vulnerability in a network service.  Typically the program then runs a payload that presents itself it some type of threating way otherwise known as scareware.  You may have seen these messages that make false claims that the system has been used for some type of illegal activity such as pornography or media pirating.  When this occurs the next symptom that usually arises is some type of system or file restriction that will only be relieved once a payment is made, or maybe not at all.

As ransomware continues to victimize thousands of systems and users each year, it is of increasing importance to build in a multi-layer defense plan to ensure the safety of your system and all of your important data files.  It is not enough to simply rely on your anti-virus software anymore…the bad guys are too smart for that!

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