Six Benefits of Hosted Desktop for Remote Workers

December 13, 2016

Imagine if you had secure access to all of your applications and all of your data without purchasing any actual PCs for your office. Access would be secure from anywhere, at any time, with lower costs for software, hardware, and help desk support. In addition, there are six key benefits to deploying Cloud Hosted Desktops in your business:

Flexibility to Work Anywhere

Hosted desktop gives employees the freedom to get their work done on any device – inside or outside the office. They can connect to their virtual desktop using their office or home PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone to access work files, emails and more.

Competitive Hiring Advantage

The current generation entering the workforce expects to have the ability to use their own devices whenever they want or need to. A flexible BYOD plan attracts these younger workers, offering a competitive hiring advantage for companies seeking new talent.

Move CapEx to OpEx

Hosted desktop eliminates capital expenditures (CapEx) for new servers and moves to a predictable, monthly cost. This makes CFOs happy because they can classify the cost as an operating expense (OpEx).

More Devices at Less Cost

A hosted desktop strategy allows a company to support more devices without additional cost. The subscription-based model eliminates licensing waste and means the company only pays for actual users.

Keep Confidential Company Information Secure

With a service provider-hosted desktop, the office desktop is kept completely separate from other personal applications and data on the mobile device. This keeps critical work files safe and sound by storing them in a secure, central repository off the local device's storage.

Control User Permissions

Administrator can set permissions that restrict end users from downloading unapproved documents and applications to their PCs.

nDesk from nology networks offers all these benefits and more to your small business. 

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