Still Babysitting Your Backups?

December 13, 2016

Are you still babysitting your backups? When was the last time you tested a restore? Stop doing it the hard way and let us help you protect your business.

If you are already backing up files, databases, images, etc to the cloud; awesome.  If you are still sold on tape backups because you wouldn’t relinquish your data from your cold, dead hands, then we probably need to have another conversation. Either way, are you babysitting them?

If your backups are legitimately failing or encountering errors, how many hours do you spend fixing this issue? If your backup system works, how many hours do you spend watching and testing it to be sure?  And more importantly, how much does that cost you? I’ve talked to many businesses who have dedicated staff just to monitor backups or have assigned this task to an admin or receptionist.  That’s almost insane when you consider that backups are supposed to give you peace of mind, not more problems.

Enter nDR (nology Data Replication). nDR is an image based backup and recovery service with no babysitter required. One of the beautiful things about image-level backup is it’s nearly foolproof. You back up on the volume level and won’t “forget” to select a certain folder or directory as the entire server or desktop is backed up in a single image up to 96 times per day! Finally, in a recovery scenario, you have the flexibility of Bare Metal restoration meaning if your server fails, you have almost zero downtime. That's right, zilch, nada, nothing. The nDR services works as a temporary server preventing you from having any downtime.

Our take is that backup and disaster recovery should just work without worry. Leave the babysitting jobs to teenagers and take control of your backup and recovery with nDR from nology networks

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