Who's Moving you to the Cloud Meet the Migration Experts

December 13, 2016

They say that moving is the third most stressful life event you can go through, after death and divorce. This is also true for the IT world: many companies continue using their existing IT systems simply because the idea of moving to a new one is just too daunting.

This guy can help.


This is Nate. Nate is one of nology's experts on our migrations and support team. His job is to make it simple for you to move to the cloud.

Nate is an avid fan of all things technical.  From taking apart old electronics as a child to being the family IT guy, Nate has been toying with computers and gadgets for over 20 years.  When he’s not teaching himself system deployments for fun, Nate enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, biking, listening to electronic music, and reading really nerdy books.  Nate worked in retail management before he earned his degree from Normandale College. 

How simple can Nate make your move to the cloud? Well, if you’re moving to our nMail hosted Exchange service for instance, Nate and his fellow team members are the equivalent of someone coming to your house, packing your stuff, transporting it to your new house, and unpacking everything where it belongs — all the way down to getting the forks in the correct drawer and the towels in the correct cabinet.

Seamless migration with no interruption. It couldn't be simpler to move to the cloud.

Beyond hosted Exchange, our migrations team provides setup and on-boarding for all our services. They work with you to prep your cloud environment and make sure it’s as simple as possible to move to the cloud at a pace you determine.

Who is on the team?

Our migrations and support team is comprised of industry leading experts. They combine years of experience along with tools and techniques that we have honed to perfection. Our team has migrated more thousands of mailboxes from every platform, hundreds of applications and servers, and makes the process near seamless for over 300 businesses nationwide. 

During on-boarding and setup, our Cloud Concierge team is available to keep you on a path to rapid deployment. (And once you sign off on the process, our support team takes over to assure an ongoing worry-free experience.)

Thinking about making a migration to the cloud? Let us make it easy for you and your business to take advantage of all the features and benefits of cloud hosting

You can contact Nate and the rest of the nology (Minneapolis Cloud Hosting and IT Support) team at 612.339.0838. 

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