January 27, 2023

Simple and free tips to protect your company data

Here are some fast and free tips to protect your data

Although these quick tips might seem obvious, it's always good to have a quick reminder that there are some simple things you can do as an employee to protect your personal and company data.

One easy and free way employees can protect sensitive company data from breaches is by regularly updating their passwords. By using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, employees can create strong passwords that are difficult for hackers to guess. Additionally, they should avoid using the same password for multiple accounts, as this increases the risk of a data breach if one of the accounts is compromised.

Another simple way to protect company data is by being cautious when opening emails and clicking on links. Employees should be aware of phishing scams and only open emails and click on links from trusted sources. They should also be careful when providing personal or sensitive information online, and only do so when it is absolutely necessary.

Finally, employees should be aware of their surroundings when working with sensitive company data. They should make sure that their computer screens are not visible to others, and that their devices are secured with passwords or biometric authentication. Additionally, they should be mindful of their online activities and avoid accessing company data on public Wi-Fi networks, which can be easily compromised. By following these simple and free steps, employees can help protect their company's data from breaches and ensure that it remains secure.

Many of these recommendations are to simply slow down as you work and scrutinize anything unexpected or that yo are not 100% confident is safe.

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