August 9, 2017

Tips to avoid ransomware after Petya and WannaCry

Ransomware attacks continue to wreak havoc on businesses worldwide.

This week, companies across at least 64 countries fell victim to a cyberattack attack known as Petya, which encrypted the hard drives of thousands. Making matters worse is the fact that it exploited the security flaw that enabled past ransomware around the globe in May.

Here are six key tips that enterprises can take to better manage ransomware risks, according to PwC.

1. Perform strategic assessments of cyber threats and vulnerabilities

Enterprises should conduct frequent risk assessments that seek to understand how sophisticated hackers might be able to undermine their security system.

2. Rapidly spot and counter threats

Companies must strengthen their ability to rapidly identify, detect, and contain threats when they do occur.

3. Develop business continuity plans

Individual user systems and important servers should be able to be restored rapidly from backups in the event of a breach. Backups should be tested regularly and thoroughly to ensure a smooth recovery.

4. Implement crisis and incident response planning

Enterprises must ensure formal procedures exist in which employees and those responsible for managing high-priority security incidents are able to streamline the organization's response to ransomware attacks.

5. Increase cyber security policies and employee education

The most common ransomware delivery vector is phishing emails. IT leaders can help prevent ransomware from entering their network by training employees in the latest security threats and how to spot spam and phishing emails.

6. Manage and patch vulnerabilities as soon as possible

As mentioned in our previous blog post earlier this month, effective patch management is one of the keys to preventing malware and any malicious activity. You can read more about effective patch management on our blog.

If your organization needs assistance with any or all of these areas, nology networks can help with a comprehensive security assessment and evaluation of your organization and help craft best practices.

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