Data Backup

nDR Disaster Recovery – Less Disaster, More Recovery


nDR provides fully managed, complete end-to-end business continuity. nDR features enterprise class protection, instant virtualization, cloud-based replication and recovery, unlimited storage, and more – all for one low fixed monthly price per protected server or desktop.

Critical Snapshots

Backup critical business data in highly configurable snapshots as often as every 30 minutes.

Recover Instantly

The virtual snapshots can be turned on in seconds to offer file level restore, including support for both Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Should a protected server go offline, it can be booted virtually in less then 15 minutes minimizing disruption and downtime.

Cloud Redundancy

nDR provides full cloud replication, instant off-site virtualization, and unlimited storage for added disaster protection.

Backup Verification

After a backup is completed, the image file is test booted, and a screenshot of the booted VM can be emailed as confirmation that the backup occurred and can be recovered in the event of a disaster or failure.

The median cost of downtime for a small business is $12,500 per day after a data-loss disaster. Don’t let data loss or business downtime happen to you or your firm. Protect your business operations with an nDR appliance. 

Data Backup

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