March 14, 2022

Our Cyberdefense Team Just Got Better

Cyberattacks are the new normal. One of the latest defenses is instant isolation to stop the spread.

Protecting you and your organization from cyber threats is our top priority.

To help you overcome this ongoing challenge to your network’s security, we’ve added an isolation feature to stop the spread.

Isolating infected machines buys you invaluable time to fight back against malware. This is an especially powerful tool when an incident occurs outside of normal business hours—a common attack window for hackers and bad agents. This feature is now part of our managed Business Care and Enterprise Threat Detection and Response (EDR) package. If you are a Business Care customer, you are getting this added today at no additional cost!

But what is Business Care Isolation?

Just like COVID required us to keep 6-ft away from others to stop the spread, our host isolation technology works in a very similar way. When a malware infection that is known to quickly spread (e.g., Emotet, Trickbot, etc.) is detected, the infected machine is disconnected from the network and all shared services. A wall is virtually erected around that machine that prevents the virus, malware, or ransomware from jumping around your network.

But how fast is it really? 

Isolation is triggered after we detect and confirm a virus, malware, or ransomware variant is present on the machine.  These actions will send an isolation task to the machines and it will be processed within seconds allowing our security team time is assess the situation with limited impact to your organization.

Get started with nology today.

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