October 22, 2021

What Is EDR? Enterprise Detection and Response

Hackers are constantly evolving, exploiting new vulnerabilities, and dwelling in small business environments—until they encounter EDR.

Why Is EDR Important?

EDR from nology networks, enables our security team to find and stop hidden threats that sneak past preventive security tools. By focusing on a specific set of attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, and exploits, our platform protects you from persistent footholds, ransomware, and other attacks. We combine automated detection with real human security experts monitoring your environment 24x7, so even the most advanced threat actors won’t stand a chance against your defenses.

EDR solutions from nology are part of our new core Business Care offering and are based on AI and machine learning algorithms designed to spot unknown types of malware and can near instantly take action against the most critical threats to your organization all backed by a team of real people.

With the evolution of workplace mobility and employees connecting to the Internet from everywhere, it should come as no surprise that devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Without the proper cybersecurity protection measures in place, malicious hackers can easily take advantage of existing vulnerabilities if not caught early.

What does EDR do to combat these threats? 

Endpoint Data Collection / Data Analysis

We collect a wide range of data from all your endpoints to establish what is normal for your organization's activities, and what is strange. This data allows us to shut down strange activity instantly and reduce false positives.

Threat Hunting Capabilities

If the EDR platform views any events or actions as suspicious, it generates an alert that the security analysts can easily review and take action on immediately, isolating endpoints from the internet and network to prevent spread and remediating threats to kick attackers to the curb.

EDR vs. Antivirus – What’s the Difference?

Antivirus is simple, it takes samples of known threats, compares suspicious files to those known threats, and if they match, it blocks them. This is an important part of your security posture, however, it only takes you so far.

Our EDR security platform includes many automated and human managed features that antivirus doesn't, including -

  • Honey potting - There’s a reason ransomware is such a popular form of malware in the modern hacker’s tool belt: it’s effective. The sooner you can detect ransomware, the more likely you’ll be able to stop it from spreading and taking down an entire network. Our Ransomware honey pots enable faster detection of potential ransomware incidents but placing dummy files that appear high value on your computer and monitoring those files for activity.
  • Persistent footholds - Catch hackers who are hiding in plain sight while plotting their next attack and give them a taste of their own medicine. To evade detection, attackers are abusing legitimate applications and processes to slip through the back door undetected. Once inside, they establish a quiet foothold and plan their next move—often the deployment of malware to cripple systems, or ransomware to encrypt and steal sensitive data. EDR eliminates these footholds.
  • External Recon - Highlight external attack surfaces and expose easy entry points—so you can strengthen defensive perimeters and improve your security posture.
  • Human Intervention - Our team of security experts work hand in hand with the technology and AI to ensure that the right actions are taken at the right times to keep you secure and your business efficient. Hackers don't sleep, and With 24x7 staffing and monitoring, we don't either.

Interested in learning more, our team is happy to help! If you're a current client, EDR is being added to Business Care on Jan 1st 2022 with no action needed to enhance security for all our clients. Not a client? Complete the form below to talk to our team! 

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