October 11, 2017

A Multilayer Security Approach is Key

AV or a Firewall alone is not enough to secure your business.

With threats to information security being announced almost daily. It’s more important than ever to rethink information security in your business.

In a recent sales meeting, when I asked the IT Director about their current infosec strategy, he proclaimed that he “had deployed anti-virus to all the computers and servers”. While AV is an important tool, a singular product or strategy is near useless against today’s advanced threats.  

So what is a multilayer security approach and how can your business implement it?

In short, the idea is an obvious one: that any single defense may be flawed, and the most certain way to find the flaws is to be compromised by an attack — so a series of different defenses should each be used to cover the gaps in the others' protective capabilities. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, malware scanners, anti-virus, anti-ransomware, DNS protection, and local storage encryption tools can each serve to protect your information technology resources in ways the others cannot.

We insist on a 4 Layer Strategy as the minimum protection level for your business.


A firewall prevents malicious entry into your office network from the outside world and can often detect if someone is trying to gain unauthorized access. What happens when users are outside the office?


Anti-Virus software protects from known virus threats. What happens when the threats are unknown?


Anti-Malware software protects against known malware, tracking, and unsafe internet surfing on your computer. What happens when the malware doesn’t need access to your computer to run?

Intelligent Anti-Ransomware

Umbrella anti-ransomware utilizes machine learning and rapidly changing algorithms to analyze global internet traffic for perceived threats. Umbrella can stop unknown threats looking for activity patterns, geographic location traffic, and blocking malicious websites.

As you can see above, no one solution alone can offer 100% protection. Only when solutions are used in a multi-layer approach can you feel confident in your information security.

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