September 24, 2017

Securing the Weakest Link: Educate Users about Cyber Risks

End users are your biggest risk when it comes to cyber security.

Here are 5 simple steps you can teach end users that will help keep hackers from wreaking havoc on your systems.

  1. Be suspicious of all attachments. Dangerous attacks often utilize common file types users are used to seeing: .doc, .xls and .pdf, etc. While not every file extension can launch a malicious attack, users should treat file extensions with a healthy dose of skepticism— especially if the files were received unsolicited.
  2. Stay alert for phishing emails. Only click web links within emails you absolutely are sure are authentic. Phishing emails typically come with typos and impersonal greetings such as “Customer” or “Dear Madam.” Be wary of threats and urgent deadlines as these often are characters of phishing scams.
  3. Update system and software patches regularly. Security researchers have shown that installing system and software updates is the best defense against the most common viruses and malware online, particularly for computers running Windows. Software makers often release updates to address specific security threats that have come to their attention. By downloading and installing the system and software updates, you patch the vulnerabilities that virus writers rely on to infect your computer.
  4. Be careful using public Wi-Fi. Most business who provide public Wi-Fi tend to have lax or nonexistent security, leaving the network and your computer vulnerable to hackers. Use a VPN services such as nology Umbrella to mitigate using your computer on these networks.
  5. Use complex and lengthy passwords: To make it harder for someone to guess your password, use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.

Did you know that nology has partnered with a leading organization to offer low cost end user cyber security training? Let us help you mitigate these risks for your team.

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